Tuesday, May 29, 2012

m0n0l0g in da rain

kedinginan malam membangunkanku its 0nly 5 am,waa p0t0ng my sleeping beauty, bila diamati betul-betul rupanya hujan di luar, no w0nderla i sleep soundly... tetibe teringat kt incik suami... why n0t if u text him? hmm maybe he's stil sleeping so better wait for an hour... (my mon0l0g)
its 0lmost 6 s0 i text my hubby...kesian kna kacau pagi... juz wanna u know dat ur wife r afraid of da dark n the rain huhu (spoiled child)
juz thinkin' last year 0n da same date.. i was bz preparing 4 my wedding, sh0pin' here n there... l00king 4 everything speacial juz for my prince... dalam hati ader taman or ader i -city pun im n0t sure la.. but its seems s0 excited n i juz can't describe it with a words.. (speechless) 0l i n0e is LEBIU.
Day by day 0lm0st 1 year i became ur wif... psstt >>> my 0ther half get ready 4 d annivesarry pezen yeah!
frankly speaks... sumtime i owez f0rgot dat i hv my 0ther half s0 i hv t0 tell him where am i n what im duin.. huhu sindr0m 0f single but n0t available maybe. s0rry my dear.. im trying t0 be gud f0r u. bcoz fr0m n0w on everting i d0 will became tw0... what im duin will describe u als0.. s0 i hv t0 b more careful... its not juz me.. its bec0me y0u n me.... owhh i wish u were here syg.

Talking to the Moon

Try to get to You
In hopes you're on
the other side
Talking to me too
Or am I a fool
who sits alone
Talking to the moon

 lagu ni kna tukar 'TALKIN' T0 THE RAIN' Bcoz right now hujan sedang turun mencurah-curah membasahi bumi ALLAH S.W.T.

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